Tuesday, 27 August 2013

theme song

should all blogs have a theme song?

if i take a moment to list off some theme songs that jump into my mind these are them.  shall we all spend some moments reminiscing about the excellence of these catchy tunes.

macgyver (worthy of a fairly lengthy pause and a sigh of happiness please...)
mission impossible
happy days
lois and clark

what would you add?

BUT - as much as i LOVE macgyver and mission impossible - i just am not really so sure that either really fit in with my life and this blog.

so a theme for my blog.  so far all i've come up with is something shortish (i'm short.  my sentences are short.  i don't use capital letters.).  maybe i will see what my first ten posts happen to be about and decide then.  good idea.

as an aside - this reminds me of the time in university when i was meant to be doing a geography lab but instead i had just discovered some little quiz site that you answered questions to and it told you what "flavour" you were in life.  

i got peppermint...



  1. If I didn't get lime in that quiz, I'd be devastated :)

    1. i will have to try and find it and send you the link...