Sunday, 25 August 2013

thinking forward

it all began ten years ago to this very day (which was totally unplanned and therefore a rather amusing serendipitous surprise)
blogging that is.
me blogging at least.  i have no idea when other people officially started to blog.  probably long before that i imagine.

anyway, ten years ago in 2003 i was about to embark on a journey to europe and because it was pre-facebook days, i thought this might be a handy way to keep in touch with people back home.  a chance to write some stories about where life was taking me.

i had a bunch of people that left comments.  nowadays you get a little tab that tells you who (supposedly) likes you and who (supposedly) is viewing your page.  this was pre-that.  but people could leave comments to say they read and they cared and they were watching.  and they did.  though these seem to have long disappeared into cyber-space when i glance back.

anyway - to cut a long story short, you can find that very first post, written on the 25th august 2003 here the adventures of bex if you feel like walking down my memory lane.  or if you have something really important to do and need a good procrastination tool.

i kept it up.  blogging that is.  off and on.  it was pretty easy when i was in europe but gradually dwindled as the years passed by.

but then one day i had this thought that maybe i should try again.  actually i had this thought a bunch of times as my most recent (recent is not actually recent though) posts mention.  the problem is that to sign into my blog i needed to use my old email account that used my maiden name.  now if you are anything like me, you will have a bunch of tabs open in firefox and one of those tabs will be your email account.  and how incredibly frustrating it is to have to keep signing in and out every time i wanted to write a new post.

hence here we are.  farewelling one set of adventures and beginning some new ones.  

let's see where it takes us.

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