Monday, 26 August 2013

going dairy-free

i never, ever, thought i would one day make a conscious, well-thought out decision to go dairy-free.

there are two reasons for this.

1:  i love milk.
2:  i love cheese.

i could write lengthy paragraphs explaining and expressing my passion for both milk and cheese.  i could.  but i will try to keep it short.  i like short sentences and short thoughts after all.  i doubt i have gone a day in my life without milk.  this is easy to predict because i haven't gone a day in my (solid-eating) life without cereal and let's be honest - cereal just doesn't taste the same without milk.  once when i was living aboard i *ran out* of milk and had to have cornflakes with water.  it wasn't an enjoyable moment for me.  i went out and bought milk immediately afterwards.  as for cheese - well, it's my staple.  it's my go-to snack.  in fact, i don't snack on anything really except for cheese.

*i didn't run out - i would NEVER run out of milk - my flatmate drank it*

anyway - today is day one of going dairy-free.  

i'm not doing it for me.  i'm doing it for my son.


  1. This is awesome Bex goodluck with going dairy free!

    Ange x

  2. and by cereal you of course mean weetbix. cuzzie b xxx

  3. My workmate raves about almond milk on her cereal

    1. that's what i have been having - i wouldn't rave about it (i am very much in the missing milk phase still!) but it wasn't unpleasant!

  4. You'll be FINE, it's not as hard as it seems - promise! In fact, I have never gone back to eating as much cheese or yoghurt as I used to!