Saturday, 7 September 2013

sleep and dreams

babies fight sleep
children resist sleep
teenagers rebel against sleep

adults crave sleep

or at least this is how it seems from my perspective.  certainly in our little household this is all very true (i can even account for the teenager bit when we housed an international homestay student last year).

and i just don't quite understand why my children are not as passionate about sleep as i am. 

i have been either pregnant and/or breastfeeding now for 35 months (and counting...).  this has resulted in two main alterations in my life:  

1:  having children.  
2:  having (very) limited sleep.


a sub clause on (2) is that i'm not dreaming as much as i used to.  

i used to have such excellent dreams.  my family could testify to that as i would often say, with much eagerness, "oh i had such a vivid dream last night let me tell you about it now in full detail without missing anything because it was all so interesting and bright and full of thought-provoking moments that really does require a full analysis and break down of events that i need to share with you all right now and might require a good 30 minutes of your time".

i am eagerly awaiting the time when both sleep and dreaming sink back into my life.

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  1. I'm still waiting for that elusive sleep thing... I think I can remember what not being tired felt like; but maybe I was only dreaming!