Friday, 13 September 2013

travelling lightly

the first time i jumped on a plane i was 15 months old.  which technically means i was carried onto the plane as opposed to jumping...  we flew to england and lived there for nine months.  i didn't have much of a say (that i recall at least) in what luggage i was going to take.

however i was 9 years old when we next headed overseas - to live in canada for a year - and this was definitely an appropriate age to have an opinion in what went into my suitcase.  i also remember, quite vividly, my father being very assertive and saying (to all of us) - "we are travelling lightly.  ONE suitcase each.  that's it."  at the time air new zealand let each passenger have two bags - so taking one only would allow an extra bag to bring home (very smart really, a year of living overseas often does equate to an extra suitcase at the other end).  thank goodness dad made that call though - because that extra bag was very handy for the canadian animal soft toy collection that migrated south at the end of the year.

travelling lightly.  

it's a phrase that has stuck in my mind, and in my packing ability, as each trip has surfaced.  people are amazed at how small my suitcase is, and that a pillow and a sleeping bag have somehow been squashed inside as well.  eric likes to complain that i'm not playing fair because i can fit three singlets into one shoe.  this may indeed be the case but i can still pack less items into a bag than he can...  there is only one person i know of who can pack lighter than me... dad (carry on only for a three week jaunt around europe anyone?)

and so on our most recent overseas jaunt with a 4 month old and a 22 month old (both of whom had no baggage allowance) - i was determined to continue the trend.  two suitcases went to canada.  one for the kids.  half of one for us.  which meant on the return two soft toy monkeys, an owl, a squirrel, a bunch of duplo and an array of other toys could come back too.

and so on reflection, some things never change.  soft toys do deserve prime luggage space.

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  1. LOL I remember all the toys returning from Canada in 1991- all with names too. It must have looked a sight 2 parents, 3 kids and 10 pieces of luggage - they hurried us through customs! :)