Monday, 4 November 2013

soccer for toddlers!

caleb loves soccer.  i mean LOVES soccer.

this is his constantly repeated statement:  "daddy.  mummy.  shoe-ies.  outside.  soccer.  ball.  baby ball caleb.  big ball daddy/mummy.  kick.  goal.  cones.  pass.  again!  now!  SOCCER!"

so awhile back i looked into signing him up to some little league (whereby parents and toddlers run about in some sort of fashion, kicking a ball together).  but (a) location, (b) time and day, and (c) cost - put me off.  because really - is there a need to spend 30 minutes in a car just driving somewhere to kick a ball?  i don't think so.

so instead i wrote up a couple of signs and attached them to lamp posts.  free soccer for toddlers.  every saturday morning for 30 minutes starting at 9am.  at our local (5 minutes walk) park.

so far there are three boys who have shown up every week.  two others have come along once or twice.  and other neighbours from the area have visited and given the kids icecreams / iceblocks as treats when training has finished!

it's fun and it's bringing people in our community together.

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  1. Go Caleb! With your shoe-ies on and your baby ball you will definitely get some goals! Love from a proud Grandma xxx